Alexander Hurbean and Wolfgang Ettlinger @ Deepsec 2023
Alexander Hurbean and Wolfgang Ettlinger @ Deepsec 2023
© DeepSec – Joanna Pianka

The latest DeepSec security conference brought great minds together again from the 14th to the 17th of November 2023 at the Vienna Renaissance Hotel. Certitude also attended to contribute to the numerous excellent talks with pressing topics on our future with AI.

Social Engineering is so prevalent nowadays, that it counts as one of the most important attack vectors for gaining a foothold into companies. Due to attackers needing only to succeed once in breaking the weakest link in information technology systems – humans – the only question that has yet been unanswered is how to efficiently scale and automate such attacks. The obvious answer to us is currently quickly gaining traction – AI.

Alexander Hurbean and Wolfgang Ettlinger speaking for Certitude held a talk to share and discuss ways of how malicious actors could – or even already do – exploit state-of-the-art machine learning for social engineering purposes. As part of the talk, Wolfgang and Alexander hands-on demonstrated how these attacks can be implemented with the technology that is readily available and discussed how these techniques may improve in the future. Of course it is not all too grim; the talk also showed how with proper training and measures such attacks can be defended against.

In case you have missed our talk at Deepsec, we offer a written version of the topic in our blog as a series. The latest installment of this series “Skynet wants your Passwords! – AI and Social Engineering” can be found at this direct link. A list of all available posts of this series is also accessible under the following link.

As always Certitude is grateful for the excellent planning and organization of the conference and thanks and congratulates the organizers for these well-made efforts. We hope to see you at the next DeepSec conference in 2024.

Cover image by courtesy of DeepSec, Joanna Pianka. Source: https://deepsec.net/docs/Album/DEEPSEC%202023/index.html