Cyber Security with the State of Lower Austria and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cyber threats to public and private organizations have increased dramatically in recent years. This is probably due to increasing digitization and is therefore already a long-term trend that Covid-19 and the Ukraine war have fueled again.

On January 11, Mag. Jochen Danninger (Lower Austria Provincial Economic Council), Wolfgang Ecker (President of the Lower Austria Chamber of Commerce (WKNÖ)), Gerti Krejci (Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry section) discussed with Marc Nimmerrichter (Managing Director of Certitude) the need for action in this regard country and company.

We look forward to further promoting awareness and education on this topic and thus being able to make a small contribution to protecting the local economy.

Mag. J. Danniner (LR NÖ), M. Nimmerrichter (GF Certitude), G. Grejci (WKO), W. Ecker (Präsident WKNÖ)