Impact of the DORA regulation on the software lifecycle

Our colleagues Stefan Proksch, Director at Certitude Consulting, and Markus Hefler, Managing Director at Certitude Consulting, had the opportunity on February 20, 2024 as part of an impulse event of the Momentum Network to give members an insight into the measures of the DORA regulation (Digital Operational Resilience Act) that will take effect on January 17, 2025. The focus of the presentation was on the impact that DORA will have on the software lifecycle. Given this initial situation, both the requirements of the technical regulatory and implementation standards (RTS/ITS) associated with the DORA regulation and the affected fields of action and measures were explained using the Digital Resilience Operational Framework (DORF) developed by Certitude.

Stefan explained the essential elements of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) using the following process illustration. In connection with the DORA regulation, the need for structured collection, specification, preparation and management of functional requirements (requirements engineering) as well as the need for a holistic vulnerability management process across the entire software lifecycle were highlighted.

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